Maintenance Coordinator



General Duties:

  • Keeping in contact with Jillian about toys needing maintenance.
  • Committee meetings optional.
  • Expect maintenance tasks to be intermittent.



  • Coordinate toy maintenance processes, including:
    • Toy check for saftey & function and repair where possible
    • Matching back missing pieces back to their toy.
    • Sourcing replacement pieces (Toy Libraries Australia has a wealth of knowledge with this)
    • Taking note of toys that should be replaced, and passing this onto Jillian/Committee
    • Discuss sale or disposal of withdrawn toys with committee
  • Organise repair of toy bags
  • Liaise with Toy Processor re card issues (replacements etc)
  • Coordinate annual stocktake (this duty is shared with the Toy Processor)
  • Maintain “Maintenance Folder” including maintenance procedures, contacts & information
  • Manage maintenance area, including spare pieces supplies, tools and materials